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Despite the huge leaps forward in digital communications, there are still some old technologies that are widely used in businesses and organizations, one of such is fax technology.  Since its inception, faxing has been used to send and receive documents in a quick and secure way, and the truth is that people still use it to this day because of the same reasons.
Other online communication methods such as common emails and instant messaging are the best in terms of speed, but are not as secure as most people think think, especially in this day and age when we aren’t really sure if our data is being picked up or intercepted. This doesn’t mean you need a machine if you want to fax documents to a fax machine.  Instead, you can use an online fax  solution and take advantage of the best of both technologies.
Here are some of the advantages of using an online fax solution you should know about.  Read them before considering buying a fax machine!
1. Reduced Implementation Costs
If you use the traditional way of faxing, you need to prepared for the cost of setting it up.  You need a dedicated fax line (at least if you want to avoid busy lines and interruptions), the fax machine and all the rest of supplies for it to work.  With online faxing you only need to sign up and you’ll be ready to fax digitally without the need of additional equipment.  As for the dedicated line, it is replaced with a virtual one that uses an online fax number.
2. Compatible with Google Tools. 
The term Google faxLinks to an external site. is used to describe all online faxing done through Google web-based tools and services. This way of fax is very convenient if you have a Gmail account for business or if you work with Google Drive and Docs. Thanks to online fax services you can install a plugin on your Google Docs apps and fax straight from the sidebar. Other services let you link both your Drive and online fax accounts together to avoid any middle-steps and send all incoming faxes to your virtual storage drive.
3. Fax Using your Email.
We’ve mentioned Gmail but you can use any email you have to send and receive faxes.  Sending a fax via email is as easy as sending a common email, you just have to learn the correct way to enter the number in the TO field, and attach the files you need to fax from your hard drive. People sending you faxes won’t see your email address, they just use your online fax number and the service redirects faxes to your inbox.
4. More Security Than Normal Fax Transmissions.
People use fax machines because they are more reliable and secure than instant messaging tools.  Well, online faxing is even safer.  Although you take care of faxes by email, all your transmission are encrypted and transmitted using advanced point-to-point encryption.  The best fax providers are able to offer a HIPAA fax solution for healthcare providers, who need to follow all the requirements when sharing patient information.
5. Fax from any place.
Being able to fax online means that you don’t need to be at your office to check on faxes.  You can check all faxes on your email account, or even better, use an app for the job.  Beware of apps that charge per fax though, as they are often unreliable and costlier than a monthly paid service, and they don’t offer any way to receive faxes.  The best fax providers have free apps that you can use to send, receive and sign faxes with just a few taps.
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